What We Do

We are teaching people how to remain healthy while campaigning through good nutrition.

Healthy Campaign provides recipes, tips, checklists, and training to help you create a healthy nutrition environment at work, home, or on the go. The Toolkit covers guidance on stocking an office kitchen with easy-to-use equipment, planning meals, engaging volunteers, and more. Good nutrition can help maintain energy and wellness on the campaign. It is also more affordable than food deliveries and eating out.

Healthy Campaign is on a mission to shift campaign culture from junk food to whole food. Our slogan is, “Eat Real Food and Change the World.”

  • We share easy and nutritious recipes for busy people and campaigns 
  • We share tips and strategies for how we can eat real food on a daily basis given the institutional, cultural, and psychological barriers to cooking and eating real food 
  • We offer food cooking demonstrations both online and in person
  • We have a downloadable curriculum
  • We facilitate an online community of people who wish to join our efforts to eat real food and change the world 
  • We organize local events so that we can meet each other, exchange ideas, and eat delicious food together