The Healthy Campaign Team

Marjorie Roswell – CEO

Marjorie Roswell is a nutrition educator and founder of Healthy Campaign. Her goal is to bring to life her vision of healthy eating as the norm in every progressive campaign, supporting campaign workers’ well-being, and fueling political victories. Margie also builds interactive visualizations for activists, including legislative scorecards, endorsement maps, and congressional vote maps. She is the creator of three nutrition science and policy websites:,, and


Campaign Coordinators


Abraham Bonowitz
Abraham has been an organizer, communicator and strategist in the movement to end the death penalty for nearly 30 years. He’s also been on the journey to maintain health and fitness for his entire adult life. He knows it’s not easy, which is why he jumped at the chance to be a part of the Healthy Campaign team. Learn more about his life’s work at Death Penalty Action


Stephanie Mines

Stephanie is the owner and Special Events / Marketing Director of TCS Media Group, a division of TCS Premier Events. She has been a campaign fundraiser and organizer since 1996.  She successfully raised funds for Barack Obama, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation, the American Cancer Society and numerous homeless communities. As a cancer survivor for over 38 years and having rheumatoid arthritis, Stephanie’s passion for eating healthy is vital to maintaining her well-being. She is excited to be a Healthy Campaign Coordinator!


Louise Mitchell 

Louise is a sustainable food systems specialist. From 2006 to 2015, she was the sustainable foods program manager at Maryland Hospitals for a Healthy Environment and the Mid-Atlantic regional organizer of the national Healthy Food in Health Care program. She has a diverse background as a physical therapist, a publicist for non-profits, and a sales coordinator and farm worker on organic farms. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where she received a certificate in Physical Therapy, and Notre Dame of Maryland University where she received a BA in Biology.


Annabel Park

Annabel is progressive activist, a filmmaker (9500 Liberty, Story of America), and the co-founder of the digital media company, Indigo Light. She is a passionate advocate for immigrant rights, social justice, and democratic reform. She has launched several online communities including the Coffee Party, Bridge the Divide, Story of America, Facing Humanity, America Welcomes Refugees, and The Talk on Main Street. She studied philosophy and politics at Boston University and then at Oxford University. Since joining Healthy Campaign, the change in eating habits and diet has significantly improved her health.