Nature’s Solutions: Our Resilience to Climate Change

Discover the little-known solutions for restoring nature you can implement to cool your local area and thrive in the face of climate change.

Wed July 28
7:00 – 8:30 pm ET


Throughout the world, communities are restoring ecosystems to mitigate the impacts of climate change and strengthen community resilience. Natural resources are being replenished including perennial foods, running water, clean air, and irrigated healthy soils — all of which are needed for communities to survive and thrive. Specifically, these communities are growing food successfully in regions that were barren or where drought had decimated farming, they have re-greened neighborhoods in cities and reduced high summertime temperatures, and they have replenished water tables and wells by restoring native vegetation. Here is a beginning list of inspiring examples: Pictures & Short Videos of Ecosystem Restoration Projects – Before & After.

Join us to learn more about these vital solutions and discover how you can take small steps to implement similar ecosystem restoration strategies in your yard or in your neighborhood. Leave this event armed with practical steps you can take to strengthen your resilience to climate change where you live. We also invite you to join us by signing up to implement a small restoration project in your yard or in your community. Our speakers will provide support on this initiative via online training tools, other resources, and follow-up Zoom calls in the Fall and Spring.


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, you will provide needed funding for a project that is meaningful to both of our speakers. This project is called Soil & Souls – an emerging worker-owned native and medicinal plant nursery that offers leadership training and community education in resilience to young adults within Black and Indigenous communities throughout the country. Soil & Souls is aiming to be in at least 30 different cities and train 300 leaders across the country.

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Additionally, this series called Conversations on Resilience is being hosted by DIY Green, a startup dedicated to creating educational media about climate resilience. To support our work, you can make a donation or purchase merchandise and posters made in collaboration with Pittsburgh-based artist Michael Stefanick.

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To watch the recordings of our first and second Conversations on Resilience entitled “How can we become more resilient to climate change?” and “Building Equity, Justice and Climate Resilience Together,” visit our new DIY Green YouTube channel.

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We look forward to seeing you on July 28!