Big List of Healthy Campaign Resources

Healthy Campaign Website
https://HealthyCampaign.orgHealthy Campaign Online Training!

Equipment Checklist

Pantry Checklist

Healthy Campaign Facebook group
One-on-one attention via the facebook group.
Candidates, staff and volunteers are welcome to join.

Healthy Campaign Cartoon
Includes our signature Lentil Taco Filling recipe on the last page

Healthy Campaign Toolkit
Print out the worksheets to develop a personal plan.
Print the lists of whole foods for inspiration


Strategies on a budget

Annabel Park’s WPFW interview
A Star Wars-style scroll of the health impacts of sugar,
each linked to the underlying research.


Good Nutrition is Antiviral

This an in-depth Medium piece written by Healthy Campaign CEO Marjorie Roswell. Good nutrition actually prevents viral replication… but our public health messengers are neglecting this and other nutrition-related life-saving information. We need more people to understand this, and share it.

 Note: The link includes the friends_link parameter, so if people have already used their free Medium views, they’ll still be able to view it. Once it resolves to the full Medium url, that parameter goes away, so we recommend sharing the link instead of copying from the URL that it resolves to.

I helped treat the 1st COVID-19 patient in New Jersey. It provided a teachable moment.
A compelling piece by the lifestyle medicine doctor who treated NJ’s first COVID-19 case. (Dr. Weiss is also addressing climate change with other projects, not mentioned in this article.)